Blind embossing

The most prestigious embossing technique

which does not require any colours.

Clearly visible the embossed motives are raised above the paper surface or molded into it. Therefor you have a fascinating variety of possibilities of spatial presentation in paper.
The blind embossing technique is succinet yet unobtrusive, captivates through its elegance and perfection.
Special attention is risen not only by the visual impression but also the unique haptic experience of the embossed texture.

Corporate logos, letterings, coat of arms and borders can be provided in blind embossing.
To emboss a motif in paper we manufacture a workpiece, mostly from brass.

It requires a considerable amount of spatial abilities to produce a plastic engraving from a previously made drawing. Not only the artistic skills of the engraver but also the technical skills of the embosser is required to achieve the optimal results. With the help of our embossers we will achieve the best results for you.

We will be happy to advise you which method will meet with your individual expectations. Additionally we will help you to choose the paper for your product, because a perfect engraving requires an optimal coordinated paper to finally have the best possible result.