Steel embossing

The most noble form of printing

Steel engraving is originated in copperplate engraving and is a perfect evolution of the copperplate engraving.

Deeply in steel engraved letterings and forms are filled with embossing lacquers and appear elevated on the paper after the embossing process. Each colour requires one workpiece and runs through an own embossing process. The modern embossing lacquers leave a silky shimmering display of colours on the paper. Thin, fine palpable lines and letterings are just as possible as colourintensive areas such as logos.

For over a hundred years the steel-engraved embossing has been used for special products. Stamps, banknotes and official documents are mostly steel embossed.

Due to the modern embossing lacquers all shades of colours are possible. Steel-engraved stationary paper is equally suited for both laser and inkjet printers. The workpieces required are manufactured one time and are reusable. A reordering is therefor really simple.

The engraving is done by hand, following the customer's master copy. The engraver may use a master copy from a draft, a photograph or a template.

We will be happy to advise you regarding your choice of paper, lettering an colour to realise your individual wishes.